Online car shopping is often confusing, full of weird 3D rendered images, and generally just a glorified brochure. When it comes to buying something as expensive as a car, you want an experience that allows you to create the exact vehicle for your needs, while looking at a real photo of the car in a real environment, with the tools to compare against other models and find the exact vehicle for you.


We created a "Swiss-Army" tool-bar that keeps track of the vehicles you've built while visiting the site. When you change the color of the car, every picture on the page changes to the color vehicle you're building, as well as showing the nearest dealer with the specific vehicle you're building. 


To display video content, we designed the videos to play seamlessly inside your browser. One click on the play button and all the UI fades away until you're finished watching.


We created segments of the page that specifically highlight additional components that make your experience with your vehicle even better.


For optional additions to your vehicle, we added in "Add This" buttons throughout the overview page. When interacted with, it adds the option to your current vehicle build, adjusts the MSRP, and narrows the dealers in the area down with your vehicle in stock.


To satisfy our more imaginative customers, we overhauled the Build Your Own Vehicle section. Instead of having a flat side profile shot of a car, we created an experience that allows you to move 360º around the car, in every color, and every trim. Once you're finished, you can snap a picture of it, share it, compare it to the other builds you've made, or set it as your wallpaper to admire.



Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Creative Director: Jason Pierce, Eric Diem

Art Director: Brandon Locke, Lauren Totman