In 2013, we set out to change the way people view Chevrolet, a 101 year old American car company that has been focused on the heritage of their company, by focusing on Chevrolet's efforts toward technology and innovation.


We changed the visual style to be more sophisticated and future focused, highlighting notable parts of the vehicle's design. Here are a few of the shots I had the opportunity to help direct.

Photographs:  Sean Klingelhoefer


Yes, we legitimately got a fighter pilot's helmet on the entire side of building in Times Square.


We created a visual direction based off the 51º angle of Chevrolet's logo to inform the design across the campaign. 


We ran an aggressive out-of-home campaign that covered New York City, Detroit, and Los Angeles in Chevrolet's new fleet of vehicles.



Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Executive Creative Director: Jeff Goodby, Ralph Watson

Creative Director: Andrew Reed, Larry Frey

Art Director: Brandon Locke, Ryan Ganss